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How insurance companies can help teens

Norman Neher
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The worst thing that can happen a parent is to suffer the death of a child. All of us hope that our children will greatly outlive us. Yet, there’s only so much we can do to keep them in one piece. Monitoring their driving is a big one.

The telematics devices available today could be made programmable so as to monitor items like acceleration and deceleration in all three axes: up/down, backwards/forwards, left/right – store GPS coordinates at whatever time interval the parents decide is appropriate, and, of course, could be programmed to record miles driven.

This information could be stored locally within the device attached to the car, transmitted through cell towers to cell phones or home computers, or any combination of these. The information could be for parents only, insurance companies, or both.
Monitoring a child’s driving habits will likely have a significant effect on their behavior behind the wheel, not to mention accident diagnostics were this ever to happen.

The telematics device is not an all-encompassing fix for careless driving behavior, but it’s a good start.

Alina Morgan
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A car insurance policy is a promise made by the insurance company to the policyholder and is governed by terms and conditions. It is stated that the insurance company will provide financial assistance in case of car related accident. Teens have little experience driving in traffic, for long periods, or in difficult conditions such as winding roads or heavy rain; Accident-related claims are more likely to escalate than skilled drivers. Hence, car insurance is essential.

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This device sound awesome! did you know if already avalaible ?